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Your day

in brief

Als Medewerker sales support heb je dagelijks contact met de klanten van Kolibri. Je denkt en handelt klantgericht maar gaat daarbij nooit aan het organisatiebelang voorbij. Je voert zelfstandig alle werkzaamheden uit en rapporteert rechtstreeks aan de Manager Inside Sales.

What we offer

  • Een uitdagende functie in een groeiende productieonderneming
  • Veel ruimte voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling
  • Een open en informele werksfeer waarbij flexibiliteit, kwaliteit, innovatie en persoonlijke betrokkenheid centraal staan
  • Een marktconform salaris

A brilliant career

at Optimum Group™

The dynamics of a large company will bring your career into full swing. At the same time, however, you’ll profit from the benefits of a familiar, personal atmosphere – at all locations of the Optimum Group™. Working with the Optimum Group™ means having the best of both worlds. Our special printing works are the flourishing environment in which you can really grow professionally.

Your team

At the end of the production line of our customers, you are the determining factor. Labels and flexible packaging are a valuable covering and define the final result: a product that creates trust in its contents through its transparency, while providing amazing designs. Your colleagues at the Optimum Group™ know the value and the role of the product that moves through your hands. From the purchase of the individual components to the production of the labels and the sale of the goods – every employee here loves what they do, and this is reflected in our work.

Optimum Group™, Career

Are you our new favourite colleague?

Aiming at the same goal, together

As an employee of the Optimum Group™, you have mastered a range of skills that you develop as your career progresses. You ensure that production always keeps running, products are always ready on time and the delivered results bring a smile onto our customers’ faces. That is the engine that drives each and every employee and the goal that all departments of the Optimum Group™ strive for every day.

What we demand

  • Je hebt een afgeronde HBO opleiding (commercieel/administratieve richting) of vergelijkbaar niveau door werkervaring
  • Werkervaring in een commerciële functie, al werkzaam in de industrie is een pre
  • Affiniteit met productieomgeving en -technieken
  • Je kunt zelfstandig werken binnen een informeel verkoopteam
  • Je bent (sterk) commercieel georiënteerd en beschikt – uiteraard – over uitstekende contactuele eigenschappen
  • Goede beheersing van de Nederlandse taal in woord en geschrift
  • Je bent in staat om goed te communiceren binnen alle lagen van de organisatie en die van de klant
Your door opener

Over 100 years of knowledge spread over 900 colleagues each with their own specialization, that’s what you get at Optimum Group™. We constantly discovering innovative concepts and creating astonishing products. Our employees are given the freedom to color their own ideas. We encourage innovations in whatever shape or form. Every employee is a pioneer of Optimum Group. Each printing office is home to their own company culture. Together we´re working towards the same goals: flexible packaging solutions. Labels that stick with customers.

Optimum Group™, Career

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Optimum Group™ is the entryway to a glorious career with endless opportunities in the packaging industry. We're home to the biggest production capacity in the Benelux. We work for major supermarket chains as well as small, local businesses.

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